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Generational Poverty

Leon County leads the State of Florida in generational poverty and food scarcity. Owing in large part to the county’s long history of slave labor that made it possible for cotton and tobacco growers to amass significant wealth for their families, impoverished families have remained entrenched.

The Causes

The lack of education is the main cause of generational poverty and the reason it continues throughout generations. If education is not important in the family, it is not passed down. Education is always the key to the success of getting out of poverty.

  • Welfare programs that create an economic “cliff” for recipients
  • The discounting of manual labor among low-income families
  • Higher levels of unemployment in Leon county
  • Low income in Leon County may also result in poorer health and well-being. It may indicate less access to physical and mental health care. It may also affect health factors such as ability to purchase healthy foods and pay bills.

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